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Doctor Recommended Weight Loss

Over the years many Doctors have recommended Dr Leon's Weight Loss Programme as it is more than just another diet, it's a program that gives you the knowledge you need to success with your weight loss including:

  • the right food
  • the right exercise
  • the right mind control to overcome over eating and food addiction

By purchasing this program (link to buy now page) you will learn how to:

  • prove your metabolism
  • overcome your genetic tendency to gain weight
  • Improve your health
  • Prevent diabetes
  • And you can do all this naturally – with real food and no drugs!

And you also get the extra benefits of better health, lower cholesterol, better blood pressure and a reduced risk of getting diabetes.

What other doctors say about Dr. Leon's revolutionary weight loss program

BMI is not simply a diet. It is much more than that. It is more about lifestyle and how to live healthier.

BMI helped me get fitter, healthier and lose weight.

I am happy to recommend Dr Massage and the BMI Weight Loss Program to anyone wishing to lose weight and improve their health.

doctor recommended weight loss
Dr Gerald Segal
Australian Medical Association Past President

Dr Leon Massage is an authority on weight loss and health.  He has created a brilliant weight loss program which is medically sound and practical. It simply works.

By giving his patients the knowledge of choosing the right foods, engaging in the right exercise, and by positively motivating them - he has assisted thousands of patients to achieve sustained, long-term weight loss and health improvements.

He is the Doctors’ choice for patient referral for weight loss and is highly esteemed in the medical profession.

doctor recommended weight loss
Dr Ross Walker

I despair at the lack of a sound medical basis to many of the diets being offered today. I've seen how much damage these can cause, not only to people's health, but to their confidence. That's why I am impressed by Dr Leon Massage's BMI Weight Loss Program.

It has certainly helped me to lose 20kg and it has changed my approach to food for the long term. The process was painless and I never felt deprived.

This is a diet that treats the individual as an individual and not as the community average. It educates as well as motivates; two key elements for long-term weight loss success. There is no hyperbole, no false promises, only sound scientific and medical advice which works.

doctor recommended weight loss
Dr Maurice Gilovitz
Primary Care Physician

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